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Winterizing of Swamp Coolers and Master Cool Systems

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What We Do:

In order to ensure that your heating and/or cooling system stays in proper working order, we recommend a regular maintenance schedule. This allows us the opportunity to catch any problems that might be going unnoticed and can be damaging to the equipment or unsafe for your family.

The main goal with a good service schedule is to keep the system clean, safe and efficient.

This is also our chance to notice any parts that have signs of wear and should be replaced before they become a problem.

Lots of service calls would not have happened had there been a good service/maintenance schedule in the last two years. Our goal is to save you money, keep your equipment working at top performing levels, make sure you are warm in winter and cool in summer and give you piece of mind. 

Let us show you that there is a Heating and Air Conditioning company in Nevada County delivering top shelf service and while being very proud of being true craftsman in our trade.

Service of Furnace and Air Conditioning systems as follows:

  1. Check filter and change if necessary
  2. Vacuum out return plenum at furnace or air handler. Clean and vacuum out inside of unit.
  3. Check igniter for any signs of failure in the near future.
  4. Check and clean flame sensor for pitting or signs of failure in the near future.
  5. Check and clean burners of rust or debris.
  6. Check for any water leaks coming from the furnace secondary heat exchanger.
  7. Clean out pressure switch port on heat exchanger of debris.
  8. Check all hoses for cracking or damage.
  9. Check and clean condensate for blockage or leaks. Ensure P-trap is the proper size.
  10. Check flu and intake is free of nest or debris.
  11. Check seals around the unit connections for air leaks and seal.
  12. Clean electrical compartment of condenser
  13. Clean and wash condenser coil
  14. Wrap line set with UV resistant tape and replace any rotten armaflex insulation.
Taking a call for winterizing a master cool system.

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