Return Air Chase

March 19, 2012

This is a return air chase that brings the air from the inside of house to the unit. I need to point out that this is the typical crap that some company’s are doing out there, in fact I would say that over 2/3 of all return air cavity’s are just bare framing.

The filter is usually on the wall filtering the air that comes into the chase, but what is filtering all the dust, dirt, and insulation particles that is being pulled through the framing of the house?

The answer is NOTHING. In fact by you even having a filter there you are making it harder for the unit to pull the air from the house and that means it is pulling more air from the framing, attic, and under the house.

In the picture you can see what we have to do in order the properly seal a chase and then line it with duct liner. This cost’s three times what would’ve cost if it was done right the first time.

After all these years we know anybody can put in a furnace, But for the health of you and your family you need to know it’s done properly and is delivering clean air back into your house.

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